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In the 60s, the venetian blind Gradulux France is distributed through a network of more than two thousand distributors in France and worldwide.


The increasing demand stabilizes and then slows down to the terrible drought of summer 76.
Demand blinds then sets out again, most beautiful for reaching an average 45,000 blinds sold by season.
The product support such a reputation that the competition is mobilized.
New methods of protection of all kinds appear: tinted windows, curtains winders....
Fashion chrome bumpers gave way to the black plastic: Gradulux France creates its "Matte Black".



In the 80s, the car sales fall, the major brands are creating their own accessory shops.
Blinds' self adjustable "plastic appear, they flood the market.
The Gradulux bespoke becomes a rare and unique product appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful cars...


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