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Gradulux is a venetian blind, aluminum louvres made ​​bespoke to fit on almost all models of all brands of vehicles from 1930 to 1995.

However, it can also fit on windshields, newer vehicles, if the installation and finishing, has a rubber or metal frame.

It arises instantly on all cars without the need for drill holes or bodywork transformation.

Protects the rear passengers from the sun, without compromising visibility.

Preserves night against the glare from the headlights of following cars.

Mounted on orientable crémaillèes, can distribute judiciously light and shadow inside the car while avoiding Blonding action of the sun on the toppings.

There are two models :

  • Model # 1 - MOD. No 1

    Simple model suitable for certain types of rear windows with a slightly curved shape.
    It includes a set of support and strandboard.

  • Model 2 - MOD No. 2

    This model is particularly suited to vehicles whose windshield is wider and / or more arched.
    It has two sets of medium and two sets of lamellae.


Come in two colors white or matt black.

From a simple operation, this unit was studied and developed on the even car.
If you follow, with care our instructions regarding its installation, he can only give you full satisfaction.

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