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Setting up of the supports (inside of the car face the rear window)

Insert the lower tab of the support between the glass and the rubber pad or cloth as shown in figure 1.(below).
After inserting the lower lug, enter the same way the upper lug making him describe an arc until the bracket is vertical as shown in figure 2.(below).

Proceed the same way with 2em

In the case where the rear window would be retained by a frame, Slightly loosen the screws and tighten.

Setting up of lamellae


Put the lamellae in the hooks using a simple finger pressure, placing upwards as shown in figure 3 (---> here)
in the order they are in their packaging:

  • The first lamella is the GRADULUX with our signature, which must rest on first bracket hooks up from the bottom.

In the case where the ends of the lamellae are cut bisea, the beveled portion should be facing the rear window in order to conform to the shape.

To avoid noise, "tender" the lamellae in pushing of two inches from the tip of the support brackets on the right to the right, and those of the left brackets to the left.
Also make sure that the ends of the lamellae do not rub against the glass.


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